I purchased a Servo Motor with enough torque to push up the arm of the box and the lid of the box. 
The model is a Hitec Servo. HS-422 Deluxe. 
It provides 4.1 kg/cm of torque and has a speed of 0.16/60 degrees. This is enough torque for me! 
I already bought another one since I need two. 
I also recently found a new way to connect jumpers to the end of a switch without soldering! I personally cannot handle soldering so this was a big relief! 
On this jumper is a little clip that fits perfectly on the tab of the switch. The blue rubber keeps the jumper and clip together! 
The second picture shows the jumper fitting on the switch. 
I also got a switch. The best part of this piece is the ON and OFF on both sides. This makes the presentation a lot easier. 
It is a toggle switch SPDT. 
This part is essential as it's the part that will be the interactive element of my box. 
I also bought an extra switch that is said to be needed in case I need to reset the machine. 
It's really tiny. 
It's a SPDT Slide Switch. 
I also recently did a quick test laser cut of a possible arm design for my box. I didn't have time to use wood glue so I hastily used tape. I think I will have to make it slightly smaller and thinner. 
I got my box I purchased online that will work as the base of all the machinery! 
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