For my senior project, I am going to be drawing a comic. This comic will be based on Raymond Carver’s short story called What We Talk About When We Talk About Love. I am uncertain how many pages it will be because not only do I want to experiment with the comic book format of boxes and dialogue bubbles, but I also want to experiment with the page dimensions. I basically don’t want to be confined with page sizes or page limits. I will be following the flow of things and let the pace control itself. (Of course, I will be watching to make sure it’s not too boring or too fast.) 
The comic will be digitally drawn and digitally colored. It will have a chiaroscuro style to the line art to make it seem more dramatic. The art style will also be relatively realistic and not “comic”-y. It will focus on the faces and lighting of the characters. 
After all the pages are drawn, it will be sorted onto a website where viewers can read it like a webcomic. I am considering printing it, but if the pages are variable in sizes, it will make it difficult. 
Overall, the purpose of this comic is to draw and express the emotions that the short story is about. It’s impossible to convey love entirely… but perhaps the combination of words and art can get me close to figuring out what it truly is. I want the comic to be abstract in ways just like how love itself is abstract. 

Here are a few images that inspire me for the design of this comic. The boxes are no longer confined to the generic comic book stereotype, yet the reader can still what is going on. Experimenting with the layout of the page can result in visually interesting compositions, turning a comic book into a form of story telling but also into pages of artwork. 
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