For this idea, I wanted to make people confront the reality of anonymity. The screen protected behind walls begins asking controversial questions but the only options are yes or no answers. Each time one question is answered, a screen outside of the walls but near them will project the question just answered and what the viewer answered. This breaks the wall of anonymity.
For this, I was inspired after talking to another teacher. He talked about Arthur C. Clarke's three rules. One is "Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic." This made want to make something ironic. A machine is performing a magic trick while it is obviously showing what the trick is. Technology can seem like a magic, but how about a machine performing magic? 
For my third idea, I was inspired when I ran into someone that said he was "so OCD about keeping his things neat." This was extremely frustrating to me since that is offensive to those suffering from one of the most debilitating illnesses out there. So, I want to make something that jabs at the OCD misconception. The machine automatically flips the card back to red to make things perfectly organized. The best toy for someone "OCD." 
My last idea came from when my professor mentioned another sense. Thus, I thought about a machine that could produce the same temperature on a metal plate as the location searched on the screen. Once touched, the viewer could feel the same temperature as the location listed. 
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