"Morning Pills"

Here is my final product for the Stalactites remix project. I started with a concept before arranging the positions of objects. 
I wanted to make a statement about how medication and the prescription industry can tie a person down. Present day medicine and science has drastically increased life expectancy, but to some, medication can end up changing the personality and sealing away emotions.
From personal experience, I know mental illness drugs like fluoxetine, amphetamine,  and quetiapine fumarate can change a person's identity. Unfortunately, the sick still have to take the medicine in order to combat the effects of illness, but the side effects can become imprisoning and unfavorable. 
Another case is the Opioid crisis. Abuse causes over 100 people to die from overdoses each day. The misuse and subsequent addiction of pain killers can trap a victim in a situation that wasn't necessarily their fault. The abundant prescriptions of opioids by doctors is also a problem as doctors are prescribing a highly addictive drug to those that might not need it. 
Of course, with the power of medicine, diseases that were unable to be treated before like HIV or diabetes can now be managed so well that those with the illness can live pretty normal lives. 
Knowing all the above, I wanted to represent the negative side of medicine with a slight positive twist. The scene is a pill bottle pouring locks out of it symbolizing the way drugs can easily manipulate and trap you into a situation you can't escape. In the background are inhalers that show the number of uses they have on the back. I included this to make give a sense of a countdown; that a person's relief and reliance are taken over time and will eventually run out, causing the person to lose control of that support. 
I added a global illumination to give the area a sense of sterility to suggest a doctor's office. 
The tiny positive twist was that a lock can be unlocked if the password is inputted right. There is a light at the end but the process to getting there can be hard especially if one doesn't know the "password."
Images of my Individual Models 
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