For my senior project comic, I have 17 pages done so far! I'm on the last section of the comic and the first two sections are practically done. 
I have been working with my friend for my website and we have a domain name set up as well. 
Please check out the link!:​​​​​​​
Everything above this text box are pages from the first section of the comic (I didn't include all of them). These pages have been cleaned up and are ready for Dialogue and the comic borders! 
Everything above this text box is part of the second section. The second section is all done with the 1st lining and is in progress with the clean up second lining! As you can see, some lines are still a bit messy and I haven't added all the shadows yet. 
As you can tell, this section introduces the other couple at this meeting! They're a younger and more touchier couple, showing the "physical" aspects of love that we often think about. 
Everything above this text box is from the last section, section three. 
These are currently just sketches. This section focuses on a story about an old couple getting into a car crash and how that is an example of love. 
It then ends with everyone unable to speak about what love truly is. 
Let me know if you have any suggestions! 
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